"I Want a Raise" Kit

"I Want a Raise" Kit


COMING SOON!  Get a raise… and tons of support. 

Getting a pay raise is easier than you think if you follow the step-by-step guidance in our “Get a Raise” Kit.

We’ll help you prove your worth and pep-talk you into the salary bump you deserve!  This Kit Features:

-       Confidence boosters—reasons you need to do this now (Not next quarter!)

-       Timing Checklist—make sure all systems are "GO!"

-       Research Overview— you'll cover all bases

-       "Win List"—we'll review and highlight your achievements

-       Corporate profitability analysis—the behind the scenes scoop you need to get 

-       Self-promotion How To—it's not shameless it's smart and necessary

-       Role Play—Invaluable practice conversations so you can bring your A-game. (This alone is worth buying this kit! It's a must read.) 

-       Hail Mary's—Last ditch tactics that can pay off one way or another

-       Protocols of Success—the power of the moment

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