About Jenn

Welcome! I’m Jenn Ash.

My best work is helping professionals craft their personal brand, share their knowledge with their community and love their work life blend because of it.

I don’t believe in work life balance. I believe in work life blend.

Creating a full day filled with everything that sets you on fire. I won’t tell you to quit your day job – I’ll tell you to craft it into one of your many labors of love.

I’m a people person. A connector.

A mover and shaker from Richmond to Barcelona to Charleston. Your environment – the places and people with which you surround yourself – determines how successful you will be.

If you feel like your creative energy is misdirected, then this is the place for you.

That itch to do something bigger with your day job? That’s your life calling. Stop watching it go by. Call back and say “Yes Life, I’d love to work on something that fills me up instead of draining me”.

Inspiration is everything.

I took a sabbatical from work when I was 24. Not because I was rich. Because I needed new inspiration. New input. So I went to California for six weeks to find it before coming back to my job and apartment.

I realized there was a lot I didn’t know.

So I went back to school. I studied business. I traveled to China. I cooked 100 new dishes. I got out of my comfort zone by doing things I never thought I would or could. I found some self awareness.

I knew I didn’t want the status quo.

And it was hard. To tell people I wouldn’t accept a good life over the chance at a great one.  That it would take time for me to figure it all out. But I did. And I’m ecstatic. And I want you to be ecstatic too.


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Jenn Ash