Money Confidence = Life Happiness






I think it’s time women got over the feeling that talking about money makes us unlikable, unpopular or uncooperative.

My work is focused on giving women the resources they need to evolve how they talk about money—because when we can talk comfortably about money, we can live the lives we always pictured for ourselves.


“Only when you can talk confidently about money, can you live the life you've always wanted .”

— Jen Nash


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After I’d worked with Jen Nash for a few years, she heard that I was looking to interview at other companies. Jen Nash encouraged me to negotiate my way into a $32,000 raise from our current firm, instead of interviewing all over. This worked out because when I switched jobs 6 months later, I was still able to get an extra $5000. Now I know I’m at the top end of the spectrum of salaries, and it feels good.
— Kristen H, New York City

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